The Seed Takes Root

Monday May 25th 2015, 2 months since seeing the article with the William Morris quote and making a note of doing something about it but not actually doing anything about it, I see a video on Facebook about tidying and decluttering the house and tell myself that I must check that video out except I get distracted, the video moves down the feed and I forget about it.

Thursday May 28th 2015,  something triggers my memory, perhaps it was the clutter around my home and I start searching for this tidying video.  I cannot find it on Facebook as I cannot remember who posted it and so I start searching on Google.  Here it is.  May it inspire you too!


Planting The Seed

Friday March 27th 2015, I wrote on my list of Interests to Pursue, “The Minimalist Lifestyle”.

About a week prior to this, I had come across an article in the local Borough magazine, of a woman who, when one day shopping, found a sign written on a wooden board.  It was a famous quote by William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”



She said that this sign spoke to her, resonated with her and so even though her house was already cluttered, she bought it.  In so doing, she looked at it every day and the result was that she started to discard things and this was the start of her journey towards embracing and living the minimalist lifestyle.

Living in a house full of clutter which had seemed to become worse than ever, I saw this article and it spoke to me.  I have remembered the quote ever since and told myself that I would look into “The Minimalist Lifestyle” and start becoming more minimalist myself.